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SAP Sports One in the sports club

With SAP Sports One, take your teams to a new level and start the digitalization process of your club or association.

If you want to learn more about the possibilities of digitization in your sports club or association, book our free strategy talk.

You can find out more in advance here:

SAP Sports One

IT consulting for your sports club/association

How can I use IT to digitize my club/association? We will find the answer together with you!


Are you using your data correctly in your club/association? No matter whether it’s about member satisfaction, financial success or sporting success. With the right data analysis you can increase your potential.


Develop member and customer apps to improve engagement with your club and ensure your events are always fully attended.


Simply market your brand online, whether ticketing, fan merchandise or membership advertising.

A sports club or association is also like a company, and here too you have to think about how you can use digitization for your success.

Many processes that exist in other industries can also be found in sports clubs/associations.
Do you feel like starting the digital journey in your sports club/association? Then get in touch with us, via our contact form.

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