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Strategy workshops after SAP Activate

We offer the Discover & Prepare phase of the SAP-Activate method
as strategy workshops to

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  • Define the scope and high-level roadmap
  • dentification of relevant stakeholders and key resources
  • TBD


  • Highlevel roadmap
  • Relevant stakeholders for process mapping and data are identified
  • Project streams and project roles are defined


  • Adjusted project roadmap
  • Executive Sponsorship & Stakeholder Buy-In
  • Interdisciplinary Core Team (Warsteiner / W-DFS, Implementation/CM)

We offer the Explore Phase of the SAP-Activate method as a strategy workshop

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  • Potential analysis of the use of the SAP portfolio
  • Analysis of the integration of non-SAP systems
  • Recording of the actual processes
  • Derivation of the future processes


  • System landscape and interfaces evaluated
  • High-level flowchart of the actual processes
  • Pain points in existing processes identified


  • Availability of relevant stakeholders and data ensured
  • Requirements understood (through interviews and site-visits)
  • Actual processes “Must-Have” considered

We combine SAP best practices with our many years of implementation experience

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SAP Fit to Standard Workshops

Optimize the processes of tomorrow along SAP Best Practices

Ein Meer aus Würfeln, welche mit Null oder Eins beschriftet sind

SAP Selective Data Transfer

Decide for yourself which data is relevant

Eine Person schaut sich Daten auf einem Tablet an

Migration & Archiving Approach

From Lift & Shift to direct SAP S/4HANA conversion

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