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Comparison and Benefits with SAP HANA:

SQLScript versus the old ABAP commands:

SAP HANA is an in-memory database platform by SAP that enables fast data processing and analysis. When comparing SQLScript to the old ABAP commands, there are several differences and advantages to consider:
SQLScript in SAP HANA:
    1. Performance: SQLScript is specifically optimized for the in-memory architecture of SAP HANA. This allows for faster execution of complex queries and calculations compared to the traditional ABAP commands.
    2. Data processing: SQLScript offers advanced features for data processing and manipulation. It supports a wide range of SQL functions, including aggregations, joins, and subqueries, making data manipulation in SAP HANA more flexible and powerful.
    3. Scalability: SQLScript allows applications to be horizontally scaled on SAP HANA, enabling processing of large data volumes. This allows businesses to benefit from the scalability of in-memory technology and improve the performance of their applications.
    4. Integration: SQLScript seamlessly integrates with existing ABAP applications. This enables companies to leverage their existing ABAP developments while taking advantage of the benefits of fast data processing in SAP HANA.


      ABAP commands:

      1. Legacy compatibility: The old ABAP commands have long been established in the SAP world, and many existing applications are built on them. Companies with extensive ABAP developments can benefit from compatibility with the old commands.
      2. Experienced developers: ABAP is a specific programming language well mastered by many SAP developers. Companies with a large number of experienced ABAP developers can make the most of their existing resources.

It is important to note that SQLScript and ABAP should not necessarily be considered as mutually exclusive options. In many cases, they are used together to harness the advantages of both worlds. For example, companies can use SQLScript in combination with ABAP to maximize the performance of SAP HANA while retaining their existing ABAP developments.

Ultimately, the choice between SQLScript and ABAP depends on the specific requirements of the company, the existing infrastructure, and development expertise. It may be advisable to consult an experienced SAP consultant to determine the best solution for a particular situation.

Vergleich und Vorteile mit SAP Hana SQLScript versus die alten ABAP-Befehle
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