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Integration of native SAP HANA development objects

The integration of native SAP HANA development objects into ABAP allows for a seamless incorporation of the powerful HANA functionalities into ABAP applications.

There are various ways to integrate native SAP HANA development objects into ABAP:

  1. CDS Views (Core Data Services): CDS Views are used to define data models in ABAP. With CDS Views, data can be retrieved from native HANA tables, calculation views, or SQLScript functions and used in ABAP applications. CDS Views also provide advanced functionalities such as data aggregation, join operations, and filtering.
  2. AMDP (ABAP Managed Database Procedures): AMDP enables the definition of database-side procedures in ABAP that are executed directly in SAP HANA. With AMDP, complex calculations and data manipulations can be performed directly in the HANA database, and the results can be used in ABAP applications.
  3. ABAP Data Dictionary: You can define native HANA tables and views in the ABAP Data Dictionary and use them in ABAP applications. These tables and views can be created and managed directly at the HANA level, and you can read from and write data to them in ABAP applications.
  4. Native SQL: ABAP provides the capability to execute native SQL queries to access SAP HANA data. Using SQLScript, you can create complex queries and utilize the results in ABAP applications.

The integration of native SAP HANA development objects in ABAP requires specific knowledge and skills, particularly in handling HANA-specific technologies such as CDS Views and AMDP.

It is recommended to involve experienced SAP developers or consultants to ensure a smooth and effective integration.

It is also important to note that the integration of native HANA development objects in ABAP may require appropriate HANA licensing, and certain functionalities may only be available starting from specific SAP product versions.

To ensure a correct and compliant integration, it is advisable to refer to the official SAP documentation and follow SAP’s specific guidelines.

Einbindung native SAP Hana Entwicklungsobjekte in ABAP
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