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As part of the S/4HANA transformation,

During the S/4HANA transformation, your developers can customize your SAP ERP system to meet your specific requirements using the ABAP programming language.

ABAP enables you to develop customized functions and processes and adapt existing functions to meet your individual needs.

By customizing the SAP ERP system with ABAP, you can achieve the following benefits:

  1. Creation of user-specific transaction codes: Define your own transaction codes to support specific tasks or processes in your company.
  2. Implementation of user extensions: Extend or modify existing SAP standard functionalities to meet your specific requirements.
  3. Development of new reports and interfaces: Create your own reports and interfaces to retrieve, analyze, or integrate data from the SAP system with other systems.
  4. Usage of BAdIs (Business Add-Ins): Identify specific extension points in SAP applications and insert custom code to influence application behavior.
  5. Implementation of workflow management: Utilize ABAP to develop workflow management solutions that automate and control business processes.
  6. Performing data migration: Leverage powerful ABAP functions for data migration to import data from other systems into your SAP ERP system.

When customizing the SAP ERP system with ABAP, it is important to consider upgradeability and future maintainability of the system.

By adhering to best practices and SAP development guidelines, your developers ensure that the customizations are carried out efficiently while minimizing costs.

It is advisable to involve experienced ABAP developers or SAP consultants to ensure that the customizations align with best practices and effectively meet your specific requirements while minimizing costs.

Im Zuge der S/4HANA-Transformation mit der Programmiersprache ABAP ihre individuellen Bedürfnisse anpassen.
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