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9 Schritte für eine zukunftssichere und Kosteneffiziente SAP S4 Transformation

In today’s businesses, SAP S4/HANA is gaining increasing importance as an advanced, cloud-based platform for business software. However, such a transformation process and the selection of the optimal solution for companies involve significant technical and financial efforts.

To ensure a cost-efficient and future-proof SAP S4/HANA transformation, the following proven practices should be taken into account:

  1. Determine the Optimal Timing – Achieving the right implementation timing requires careful planning and monitoring of operational processes and costs throughout the entire transformation process.
  2. Choose the Suitable Solution – The decision for the right solution is of paramount importance. Factors such as investment security, cost-effectiveness, scalability, mobility, and flexibility should be considered.
  3. Integrate Complex Systems – After selecting the solution, the integration of multiple systems into the new SAP S4/HANA becomes crucial.
  4. SAP S4/HANA Consultation – Seeking professional consulting services supports the successful integration of complex SAP systems.
  5. Verify Database Compatibility – The compatibility and integrity of databases should be critically checked before integrating new applications into the SAP system.
  6. Conduct Tests and Validations – A comprehensive validation of solutions and databases through test cases is essential.
  7. Process Automation – Introducing automation processes can ensure an efficient transition to the new SAP S4/HANA system.
  8. Staff Training – Thorough training of employees is essential to have competent personnel capable of handling the new system.
  9. Data Security – Data security is a significant factor during migration. Therefore, companies should invest in robust data security technology to safeguard personal data.

A carefully planned and executed transformation not only enables companies to achieve high investment security and cost-effectiveness but also find the optimal solution tailored to their specific business requirements. Regular testing after the transformation ensures the reliability of the SAP S4/HANA system.

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