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A comprehensive ROI calculation will show you how substantial cost savings can be achieved through the implementation of SAP Marketing and Sales Cloud and the replacement of manual tasks in sales and marketing.

A detailed ROI calculation depends on various factors such as the company’s size, the number of users, specific requirements, and the efficiency gains from introducing SAP Marketing and Sales Cloud and replacing manual tasks in sales and marketing. It is essential to note that the exact ROI may vary from case to case.

Nevertheless, some general benefits can contribute to cost savings:

  1. Efficiency improvement: Automating manual tasks in sales and marketing using SAP Marketing and Sales Cloud significantly enhances efficiency. Time-consuming activities like manual data management, report generation, analysis, and marketing campaigns are optimized and accelerated, resulting in time and resource savings.
  2. Error reduction: SAP Marketing and Sales Cloud offer integrated validation and verification features to minimize human errors. Avoiding errors in data, quotes, or sales processes can reduce costs related to error corrections, refunds, or customer dissatisfaction.
  3. Enhanced collaboration and communication: SAP Marketing and Sales Cloud foster collaboration and communication within sales and marketing teams. Centralized access to relevant information, real-time collaboration, and improved information exchange help avoid misunderstandings and duplicate work, leading to more efficient resource and time utilization.
  4. Targeted marketing actions: SAP Marketing Cloud allows better audience analysis and segmentation, along with automated marketing campaigns. Targeted marketing enables more effective resource allocation and reduced marketing expenses by focusing on potential customers with higher purchasing potential.
  5. Improved customer retention and revenue increase: SAP Sales Cloud enables more effective customer relationship management and increased customer satisfaction. Utilizing a 360-degree view of customer information, personalizing offers, and tracking sales opportunities can lead to upselling and cross-selling opportunities, resulting in revenue growth and higher customer retention.

During the detailed ROI calculation, it is essential to consider the costs of implementing, training, and maintaining the SAP Marketing and Sales Cloud. A thorough analysis of specific cost and benefit factors in your company can help determine the ROI of introducing SAP Marketing and Sales Cloud and quantify the associated cost savings.

Detaillierte ROI-Kalkulation wie Sie mit der Einführung der SAP Marketing und Sales Cloud und mit der Ablöse von manuellen Arbeitsschritten im Vertrieb und Marketing massiv Kosten sparen
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