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Individuell programmierte Applikationen mit SAP verbinden

In today’s age, individually developed applications enable companies to offer their customers customized solutions and ensure error-free data processing. W-DFS now also opens up the opportunity to use previously unavailable SAP software platforms as a central component for integrating these individually programmed applications.

The tool provided by W-DFS offers a multitude of benefits to both customers and SAP users. It simplifies communication between parties, ensures reliable and efficient interactions, and enhances flexibility by allowing each application component to be individually adaptable.

W-DFS not only enables customers to connect their individually developed applications with SAP but also provides advantages such as scalability, data security, and reliability. These dynamic technological solutions empower customers to integrate and expand their data repositories.

SAP users also benefit from integrating their systems with W-DFS. They gain a secure and scalable platform to connect previously unavailable applications with SAP. This innovative solution not only reduces software system costs and complexity but also enables users to tailor their systems to meet their individual requirements.

In brief, W-DFS offers SAP users the opportunity to enhance their systems and align them optimally with the company’s needs. These individually developed applications serve as an ideal complement to the SAP system and enable customers to use their own infrastructure software more efficiently.

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