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During the development of SAP applications, various frameworks and extensions are utilized to optimize the efficiency and functionality of these applications. Here are some important frameworks and extensions:


  1. SAPUI5: A JavaScript-based framework for developing user-friendly and responsive web applications. It provides an extensive collection of UI elements and supports the development of applications that run on both desktop and mobile devices.
  2. SAP Fiori: A design concept that offers a unified user interface for SAP applications. It is based on SAPUI5 and enables the development of modern and intuitive user interfaces for various business areas.
  3. SAP Cloud Platform: A Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that provides developers with tools and services to create, extend, and integrate cloud applications. It supports the development of applications for various SAP products and technologies.
  4. ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming): A programming language specifically designed for developing SAP applications. ABAP allows the creation of business logic, data manipulation, and interface programming.
  5. SAP HANA: An in-memory database technology that enables fast data processing and analytics. Developers can use HANA to create powerful applications that handle large volumes of data and perform real-time analysis.
  6. SAP Cloud Platform Extensions: A collection of services and tools that enable developers to extend and customize SAP applications. This includes the development of custom extensions, integration of third-party tools, and utilization of APIs for integration with other systems.

These frameworks and extensions provide developers with the opportunity to create powerful and flexible SAP applications that meet the specific requirements of businesses.

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