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The proliferation of SAP Fiori-based applications has significantly increased in recent years. The introduction of SAP Fiori apps, suitable for both web-based and mobile applications, has prompted many companies to adapt to flexible software and enterprise development.

This process has now been further simplified, as SAP has integrated the Web & Data Framework Services (W-DFS) technology into SAP Fiori app development. With W-DFS, developers can design agile and modular development processes and create UIs more rapidly.

Moreover, W-DFS enables developers to leverage data from a broader range of sources, facilitating the development of customizable data provisioning processes with intuitive user interfaces. Activating features such as fast and intelligent automated tests significantly accelerates the development process.

The use of W-DFS can substantially reduce the development time of SAP-based applications and enable the creation of standardized applications. This eases the process for companies that need to swiftly update their software and adapt applications to the latest technologies.

The combination of SAP Fiori with W-DFS makes the development of high-quality applications considerably easier and more efficient, enhancing customer satisfaction while providing businesses with greater agility. Therefore, SAP Fiori app development with W-DFS is an excellent choice for companies in need of robust and user-friendly business applications.

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