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Steps for selecting a suitable SAP consultant for the implementation of SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) in supplier relationship management:

  1. Definition of Requirements: Start by clarifying your specific requirements for supplier relationship management and ensure you have a clear understanding of the functions and processes you want to cover with SAP SRM.
  2. Market Analysis: Conduct a thorough market analysis to identify potential SAP consultants with experience in SAP SRM implementation. Consider factors such as reputation, experience, references, and industry knowledge in supplier relationship management.
  3. Vendor Selection: Based on your market analysis, create a shortlist of consultants that meet your requirements. Get in touch with them and request further information about their experience, expertise, and reference projects in SAP SRM.
  4. Evaluation: Evaluate the consultants based on various criteria such as experience, expertise, team composition, project management approach, and costs. Ensure that the consultant has qualified personnel familiar with SAP SRM.
  5. Reference Check: Request references from the consultants and reach out to them to gather feedback on collaboration and achieved results. This can help you better assess the reliability and quality of the consultants, especially in the area of supplier relationship management.
  6. Contract Negotiation: Negotiate the contract terms with the selected consultant. Ensure that all essential aspects such as scope of work, schedule, costs, and post-implementation support are clearly defined.
  7. Project Management: During the implementation, close collaboration and regular communication with the consultant are crucial. Ensure that clear project management structures are established, and regular progress reports are obtained.

By careful preparation, evaluation, and selection, you can find the right SAP consultant for the introduction of SAP SRM in supplier relationship management and ensure a successful collaboration.

SAP SRM fürs Supplier-Relationship-Management Wie den richtigen SAP Berater zur Implementierung
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