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The W-DFS thoroughly assesses implementation partners before they are selected.

When deciding on an implementation partner for SAP S/4HANA migration, special attention should be given to the following three key aspects:

  1. Experience and Expertise: The chosen implementation partner should have extensive experience and expertise in conducting SAP S/4HANA migrations. It is essential to verify if the partner has demonstrable successes in similar projects and employs certified SAP consultants familiar with the specific requirements and best practices of S/4HANA.
  2. Technical Competence: The implementation partner should possess a solid technical know-how to tackle the challenges of S/4HANA migration effectively. This includes comprehensive knowledge of technical aspects of SAP systems, such as database migration, system conversion, customization, and adaptations. Additionally, the partner should be capable of evaluating the system architecture and meeting the necessary technical prerequisites.
  3. Project and Change Management: A successful S/4HANA migration necessitates effective project management and efficient change management. Your implementation partner should have proven experience in leading complex SAP projects, encompassing project planning, resource management, risk assessment, and stakeholder communication. A good partner will also be able to develop change management strategies and assist with organizational adjustments and training to ensure acceptance and success of the migration.

To assess the suitability of an implementation partner, you can conduct the “W-DFS” (Vendor Due Diligence), which involves a systematic examination of the implementation partners. This process involves posing questions regarding experience, references, certifications, project management approach, methodology, resources, customer support, and financial stability.

The W-DFS assists you in thoroughly evaluating potential implementation partners and ensuring that they meet the necessary requirements to carry out your S/4HANA migration successfully.

SAP Strategieworkshop für die S4 Hana Migration
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